The Many Uses of Tungsten and Molybdenum

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 7, 2019. Posted in Crucibles, Manufacturing, Tungsten products

In today’s industrial world of machines and factories, metal is a key material for most construction jobs and industrial work, and some metals are better than others for a job due to their properties such as melting point or tensile strength. Crucibles, which are metal boats in which materials are evaporated into useful vapors, may be made out of very tough and melt-resistant metals such as a tungsten crucible evaporation boat, or molybdenum crucibles. Industrial workers are bound to have use for a tungsten crucible evaporation boat, but there is more. Some jobs call for metals with very specific properties where no other metal will do, and this is where alloy products are used. A smelting factory and other plants can combine metals in different ratios to create new metals with desirable traits for all kinds of work, and different formulas exist in industry today to create furnace electr