Customer Satisfaction May Matter More Than Marketing

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 22, 2017. Posted in Competitive intelligence program, Customer service and customer experience

Consumer satisfaction survey questions

What makes you choose one product or service over another? Chances are, price is not the final deciding factor. The brand behind the product matters; if it didn’t, companies wouldn’t put so much strategy into their branding. As such, they do, and customers have come to expect a certain level of service from the brands they know and love.

But what makes one brand more successful than another? If you compare brands with similarly priced products or services, there are a few deciding factors that make one brand pull ahead of the rest.

Good Customer Service Means Better Reviews On Amazon.

If you were to compare similar products on Amazon, or similar establishments on Yelp, the reviews may be the tie breaker. Only about 24% of adults will leave a comment about their purchase experience online. And yet, those reviews are read by about 58% of customers who are deliberating a purchase.
Unfortunately, negative reviews generally carry more weight than short, positive ones do. But there is a bright side. Companies that respond quickly to dissatisfied customers will garner a higher rating than if their customer service is terrible.

Here Are the Numbers Linking Customer Satisfaction With Sales.

Maybe you believe that a customer will not return if they receive poor service, but you don’t yet trust that it can have an affect on future customer acquisitions as well. One survey discovered that 78% of people actually decided to not make a planned purchase when they had an unsatisfying customer support experience.

For those who do go ahead with a purchase, 91% will not be a repeat customer if they are not happy with their initial experience with a company. That is quite a few customers not going back. As you are probably aware, a company’s best marketing comes from word of mouth. When a company is spoken badly about by friends and family, it is unlikely a person will make a purchase there.

What’s Your Branding Strategy?

Another successful strategy in making your company stand out is to have clear-cut values. When a company has shared values with their customers, about 64% of customers say they stay loyal to that brand. So make sure your company mission statement is clear about what matters most to you as a brand.

The market is competitive. Customers want brands they can trust. This means providing great customer support, fixing problems as they arise, and standing firm in your values. Doing so results in loyal customers who tell their friends and family about the great products or services you provide.

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