Is Epoxy Coating Right For Your Floors?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 19, 2018. Posted in Epoxy coating, Epoxy flooring contractors, Epoxy flooring kansas city

Aerospace hangar flooring

When renovating your flooring, be it in a residential building or your place of business, consider epoxy coating services. Epoxy coating services can educate you on the benefits of epoxy coating, what environments epoxy coating is best suited to, and a timeline for the renovation. Floor resurfacing solutions can be difficult to decide between, but epoxy coating provides an attractive, resilient option.

Epoxy coating is especially suited for industries and business with a lot of foot traffic and, depending on the level of said traffic, can last up to ten whole years. Epoxy coatings can also be used to coat concrete. These formulations are resistant to both chemicals and abrasions and attach well to the floor, making them long lasting and durable. Epoxy coatings, typically made up of two main components: resin and a curing agent, can also provide an aesthetic boost to your business or work space, boosting the brightness of your floor by up to 200%.

Epoxy coating services can help you decide if epoxy coating is best for your industry, as well. Epoxy coating is suitable for a helicopter hangar floor coating as well as ideal for food and beverage flooring. It’s great for aviation flooring as well as well as a military installations hangar flooring.

Epoxy coating services can also guide you through the process of resurfacing your floors as well as take you through the timeline of such events. For example, they can tell you about the humidity test, which requires drilling a hole into your flooring and testing at 40% depth. There is also a calcium chloride test that is typically done after the installation of epoxy coating. This test takes up to 72 hours and involves testing for moisture on a concrete surface.

Epoxy coating has done nothing but increase in popularity. In 2014 alone, the market for epoxy coating was 800 kilo tons. And it’s a flooring solution that has stood the test of time. In fact, polymer solutions have been in use for more than thirty five years. This means that, should you choose epoxy coating for your flooring solution, you can be guaranteed that you’re making a durable, resilient, long lasting choice.

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