The Benefits Of Clamshell Packaging

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 6, 2017. Posted in Box labels, Small clamshell packaging, Tamper evident clamshell

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Thermoformed clamshells are a popular packaging option for many industries. These blister packages that fold into themselves are better known as clamshells, and are highly effective in keeping products clean and in top condition. If you are a business owner considering various retail packaging options, there are plenty of reasons to choose clamshell packaging. The following are some of the many benefits of this packaging solution.

  • Sanitation: Clam packaging seals well, meaning that food products can stay clean inside. This is great when shipping products over long distances or selling at mobile vending locations.
  • Sustainability: About 31.9 million metric tons of plastic waste is disposed of improperly, but clamshell packing can prevent this. These packages are reusable, so your customers can repurpose them for their leftovers or other purposes. You can also encourage your customers to recycle or reuse right on the package label.
  • Branding: The nature of clamshell packaging allows for interesting branding opportunities. The flat top surface and four sides can hold various labels, allowing you to communicate different messages to your customers. They are also available in different sizes, so you can curate a branding strategy depending on the clam size.
  • Usability: Thermoformed clamshells are easy to use, so your customers can operate them with relative ease. Their simple design lends itself to efficient usability, so your clients will want to use their reusable clamshells. This also makes them suitable for people of all ages, so you can package everything from kids snacks to eye glasses inside.
  • Versatility: Once you find a trusted clam packing vendor, you can trust them with all of your packaging needs. So as your business grows, your packaging options can grow with it. Again, this also gives your customers more options post-consumption. They can use these containers for many uses, increasing their sustainability potential.

No matter your industry, there are plenty of uses for these nifty containers. And once you produce them and distribute your products, you can trust that your customers will want to use them again and again. If you are interested in how effective your clam packaging is, or how you can improve your packaging solutions, feel free to send out a survey to your customers. This feedback can be valuable.

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