What You Need to Know About Evac Chairs

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 31, 2018. Posted in Handicap ems chairs, Handicap escape chairs, Handicap stair chair

Having evacuation plans in place when emergencies occur is a practice encouraged by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). The NFPA Life Safety Code actually has a requirement that certain kinds of facilities, such as healthcare centers, businesses, and educational facilities, make their evacuation plans public and that they plan drills on a regular basis. The problem is that the needs of disabled people are not always taken into consideration when making these plans. Given that more than 15% of the population on the planet has some kind of disability, it is important to keep these individuals safe. Having evacuation wheelchairs also called evac chairs or EMS chairs can go a long way to making sure people who need help getting to safety can be evacuated along with everyone else.

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