Using the Right Metals for a Bellows at Work

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 27, 2019. Posted in Stainless steel expansion joints suppliers, Steel expansion joint

A metal bellows at a workplace such as a furnace or in vehicle engine should not be confused with the air-blowing bellows use in furnaces and old blacksmith shops. Rather, an exhaust bellows or other metal bellows is a tough but flexible tube of metal designed to contain gas or liquid, and these contents are often either extremely hot, extremely cold, or are under very high pressure or may even be corrosive. No ordinary tube or metal can be used to make an exhaust flex joint or a high pressure expansion joint; rather, a high pressure expansion joint can be added to a metal bellows system only if its composition and quality of construction are up for the job. A high pressure expansion joint may be made of different alloys based on the contents that it will carry, and at any workplace, a high pressure expansion joint or other bellows should be regularly looked over t