2 Reasons Why to Choose Modular Building

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 28, 2017. Posted in Church buildings for sale in florida, Modular buildings, School portables


You’re thinking of starting up a new structure, like a school or a church, and you need a space for the plan. Building a brand new, permanent property can be expensive and time-consuming. However, you’re also not wanting to buy a property that is already standing because purchasing buildings for sale can get really expensive too.

If this sounds familiar, then going with a portable building company to build you a modular building is your ticket! There are so many benefits to using a modular build instead of building a permanent property on site or buying a property that is already existing.


Everyone is always looking to save money. When taking on a project like building a new school or a church, being able to save money could be huge. Modular buildings are significantly less expensive to build than a permanent, traditional style building. Modular buildings are typically completed in a factory offsite. This saves money in materials and labor because everything is accessible to the builders right at the factory.

Permanent buildings also come with a lot of hidden costs that portable, modular buildings do not. Maintenance, cleaning, electricity, and security services are just some of the costs that go into permanent builds that are not necessarily an issue with modular builds.


Modular buildings take significantly less time to build than traditional builds. Some modular buildings can be put together in the factory in as little as 1-2 weeks. With a tradition building, depending on the type of building and the size, you could be looking at months, or even years, before your build is ready to go.

Modular builds do not have nearly as much design and customization that go into them compared to permanent builds. This means that the builders at a factory can pump out modular builds so much quicker than a permanent structure. Design and construction time can be cut by almost 50% with a modular build. This means you’ll be in your new build in up to half the time it would take to get you in a traditional, permanent structure!

If you’re looking for a new build like a church or a classroom, don’t forget to consider letting a portable building company build you a modular building to save you time and money!

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