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How Tap Water Can Poison Your Body

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 9, 2016. Posted in Best reverse osmosis systems, Illinois water hardness, Water filtration systems

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The guidelines don’t just apply to athletes–swimmers and runners and gymnasts, all of whom undergo intense training and physical competition. It’s not just for newborns or children or the elderly. We all need this compound called dihydrogen monoxide–H20 written out–water by another name, and if we don’t drink it?

Science has shown that clean, healthy water free of contaminants is necessary for numerous biological components in the human body. It is essential for a child’s proper mental and physical development, important for pregnant women as the compound lead in water can cause severe birth defects, and useful for gastrointestinal function and reducing constipation.

It’s always being put out there by different government health organizations–drink more water! It’s touted frequently as a