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The 3 Benefits to Using a Commercial Steam Generator

Written by Economic Development Jobs on November 17, 2016. Posted in Commercial steamers, Dry vapor steam, Sterilize surgical instruments

Commercial steam cleaners

Keeping things and places clean is a big business around the planet. Every year the cleaning industry brings in more than $168 billion. Steam cleaning systems are very efficient and effective. You can kill about 99% of all germs by using steam. This kind of cleaning uses very little water. Approximately 1.5 quarts are used for each hour the equipment is allowed to run. That makes it a clean way to get cleaning done. There is very little mess made this way. Using commercial stem generators can do a lot to make a space clean.

How do commercial steam generators clean a surface?

Commercial steam generators put out a dry vapor. This vapor has very little actual water in it. The maximum amount of water in the vapor is 5%. These Continue Reading | No Comments