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Are You Looking for a Dependable Building That Can Serve a Variety of Purposes?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 11, 2017. Posted in Containers, Shipping container

Shipping container office

A standard 20 foot shipping container can hold 1,150 cubic feet, while a 40 foot high cube contains 2,700 cubic feet. As a point of reference, a 40 foot high cube can hold 8,443 shoe boxes and a 20 foot container can hold around 3,596 shoe boxes. These containers travel by ship and by truck across the world and across the nation.

In a world that is dependent on shipping containers for the products that they use, it should come as no surprise that an entire market has opened around making use of repurposed shipping containers. These durable, steel structures, that have at least a 25 year life with just a little bit of maintenance, can be used as offices, for recreational purpose