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The Constantly Changing Market of Plastics

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 7, 2017. Posted in Bulk jars, Custom plastic container, Jars and bottles

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Manufacturing techniques are constantly changing. What is preferred and recommended one day can quickly become outdated and avoided another. Perhaps one of the most commonly changed techniques occurs in the manufacturing of plastic bottles. Although plastic bottles are highly recyclable, they are not always recycled. Because of this, there are constant changes in the manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing of plastic bottles

Plastic remains one of the most produced items on the manufacturing line. Roughly 107.5 billion pounds of plastics and resins were manufactured in 2013, an increase over the previous year?s 105.9 billion pounds. More and more products are specifically designe

Four Reasons That Email Marketing Will Never Replace Direct Mail Marketing

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 3, 2017. Posted in Digital printing services, Tampa print, Tampa print services

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Technology has changed every industry, and the marketing industry is no exception. Previously the go-to marketing techniques were billboards or TV commercials. Maybe an ad in your local phone book or on the fence at your town’s baseball stadium if you were feeling creative. All of those methods are being replaced with online banners, and social media ads. One seemingly intuitive way to transition your business to the modern digital age is to replace direct mail postcards with marketing emails.

If you are a small business owner, it might feel like it makes sense to send out emails (which cost next to nothing per recipient) instead of direct mail postcards (which cost a couple cents per recipient). While there is definitely an important place for email marketing, we believe direct mail postcards still ho