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The Benefits of Soundproofing Your Office

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 13, 2019. Posted in Green office design ideas, How to make your office more comfortable, Room phone booth

A key part to having a successful business relies on employee productivity. As a business owner or office manager, it is important that you find ways to help your employees do the best work that they are able to.

Having a private phone booth for office spaces or including a soundproof booth in the office are things that can help your employees be more competent in their work. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider looking into how to soundproof an office room.

  • Concentration can be improved by 48 percent
  • Work errors can be lowered by 10 percent
  • 51 percent of conversational distractions can be eliminated
  • Employee stress can be reduced by 27 percent

While there are clear benefits to adding a soundproof private phone booth for office use, you may be unsure about where to start the soundproofing process. It can be helpful to look into phone booth office design ideas to help you find what approach will work best for y