3 Hydroponic Cloning Supplies That You Need

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Now more than ever, people are taking advantage of hydroponic gardening. By using hydroponics, you can grow an incredible amount of crops indoors without having to worry about more space, weather, or other external factors. Many people use hydroponics systems to grow their own vegetables and herbs for their households. Some believe that hydroponic gardens are even more successful than traditional outdoor gardens because of their ability to process needed materials. This can cause a hydroponic garden to produce plants twice as fast. Contrary to the name, it is proven that a hydroponic garden uses 90% less water than a traditional garden. Hydroponic cloning is how many people create successful crops for their gardens. It involves taking part of a good quality mother plant and making several other plants out of it. This creates a “cloned” series of crops. There are a few key things that you will need in order to produce the results you are looking for. Hydroponic Cloning Supplies are important yet easy to come by for your garden.

1. Starting system home site

Starting your clones is similar to starting simple seeds. You are going to need a place that you can store your cuttings while they develop. A proper site with room for multiple clones, a reservoir, and pump are integral for the start of new plants. A lid is also required in order to protect the cloning starters. Eventually, after your cloned plants are ready, you will take them out of this system and transfer them to a proper growing system. A starting site is the most important of the hydroponic cloning supplies, as it is really what makes the whole thing successful.

2. Good compost

You can’t just place your trimmings into anything. The starter clones need nutrients and a good place to start growing. Planting them into dust or any old backyard dirt is not going to do the job. You need proper quality compost in your starting site that holds nutrients and microbes that will help strengthen the clone now and promote it’s growth later. Of all the hydroponic cloning supplies you need, this is the one that can make or break your plant cloning process.

3. Plant hormones

Although they are not required, hormones can produce more desired results. Plant hormones encourage the trimmings to grow faster and stronger under the correct conditions. When applied immediately to newly planted trimmings, it encourages the new clone to produce roots quicker. The repeated application of plant hormone can influence the plant’s production of leaves and fruits. The use of this in hydroponic cloning supplies can be controversial as hormones often include chemicals that can be comparable to those used in commercial farming, which would mean your home garden would no longer be considered organic.

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