3 of the Most Common Types of Blister Packaging

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 26, 2016. Posted in Blister packaging, Carded blister packaging, Track and trace pharmaceutical

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If you’ve ever eaten any packaged food, purchased electronics, or have taken medications, then chances are very high that you have come into contact with blister product packaging. Blister packaging is a series of very versatile vinyl-plastic packaging materials that help to not only protect our materials from environmental damage, but to prevent us from ingesting any tampered or wrongful medications (in the case of children).
To help you understand this versatile and dynamic industry a little better, here are three of the most common types of blister packaging, as well as their most popular uses:

Carded Packaging
Carded blister product packaging can be seen throughout the pharmaceutical world, as it is commonly used to package medicine. This is because this pharma packaging offers the medical world a plethora of benefits. Firstly, this type of packaging is tamper-proof, meaning that young children are unable to access substances that may be detrimental to their health. Secondly, this kind of blister packaging allows doctors to parse out dosages, allowing consumers to take safe and prescribed levels of medicine.

Clamshell Blister Package Design
Known for its literal clamshell shape, clamshell blister packaging is some of the sturdiest, safest and most durable kind of blister packaging around. Some would also consider them the most irritating. Have you ever gotten a pack of scissors wrapped in an infuriating vinyl case, only to find that you need the very scissors located inside to open the packaging in the first place. If you have ever experienced such a paradoxical conundrum, then chances are you have encountered clamshell packaging. And for future reference: next time you’re struggling with this type of blister packaging, use a can opener to open it!

Consumer Goods Packaging
Similar to carded plastic blister pack packaging, this kind of blister pack holds consumer goods. This includes toys, pens, electronics, food items, and more. For this kind, a piece of plastic is molded to create the blister, and it is then backed by a piece of cardboard or plastic. Companies prefer this kind of packaging because it allows them to provide product information, coupons, and promotions right on the package itself.

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