4 Organization Tips for Transitioning to your Warm Weather Wardrobe

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 13, 2018. Posted in Charity clothing pick up, Children in need of clothing, Helping military families

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The daylight is already sticking around longer. Local clothing stores have already stocked the shelves with spring and summer attire. Before we know it, spring will be here. It is almost time to organize our closets and to switch out the winter attire for warmer weather clothing items. Before you begin this project, create a process that ensures efficiency and gives you the most organized closet.

Remove all items not worn

If there are any winter items in your closet that have yet to be worn, it is unlikely that you will wear them again. Remove these items and set them aside for a charitable donation. Complete the same process with your shoes, winter accessories, and winter coats. Don?t forget to go through your spouse?s and children?s closets. Additionally, many households have a foyer closet that includes winter coats and boots. If any item in these closets has not yet been worn, they are simply taking up space. You can easily schedule a donation pick up or clothing drop off for a convenient process of charity clothing donations.

Box up winter only clothing items

If you live in a four season weather state, you don?t want to waste valuable closet space for winter items that you will not wear for the next couple of months. Instead, remove these winter items into a separate box. Label them so you can easily find them later and then move them into the basement or garage. If you have done this with your spring and summer attire, it is time to bring them out of storage. It is best to go through these items before going spring or summer clothes shopping. It is easy to forget which items you already have and you could end up duplicating your warm weather wardrobe.

Avoid storing items you won?t wear again

A lot can change between the seasons. It is also likely that styles have already changed and the warm weather attire in storage might no longer match your style preferences. Avoid hanging up and storing the entire box. Go through it, item by item, first. Move the clothing items that you will not wear again into the separate charity clothing donations pile. Complete the same process with your warm weather shoes and accessories. Once you have pulled out the items you will not wear, wash and put the leftover items away.

Restock your warm weather wardrobe with second hand shopping

If you look at all of the clothing items that you currently own, you can come to an estimate on how much you have spent on clothing over the last couple of years. Now, consider how much use you actually got out of each item. This might surprise you and lead you to believe that you are wasting a lot of money on clothing that you only wear once or twice.

A better method is to purchase your new warm weather clothing at second hand shops. Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year. Additionally, about 45% of recycled clothing is worn as secondhand clothing. You can purchase secondhand clothing for pennies on the dollar. Purchasing these clothing items also helps out local charity foundations. Most charitable organizations operate solely from charity clothing donations and through the purchase of second hand clothing.

The average American buys at least twice as many pieces of clothing as 20 years ago. Yet, we continue to wear the same amount of clothing items. This results in a crowded closet that is also disorganized. Use this method to increase your closet organization and to increase your charity clothing donations. When you donate clothes, you are improving your daily efficiency while also helping out those in need.

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