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Domain authority is probably one of the key SEO metrics that internet marketers pay great attention to in today’s SEO world. This .important metric is used to quantify the relevance of your website past the development phase. By establishing the site’s relevance and over all importance improves the search engine optimization strength of the website as a whole. What happens is that the higher the domain authority, the higher your website will rank on search engine which ultimately translate to increased traffic. Just like how most SEO metrics behave, domain authority will always fluctuate as a result of different factors. To improve the domain authority metrics, you need to identify where your site stands among many other similar websites online.

Understanding Domain Authority
Domain authority often fluctuates between 1 and 100 with 100 being the highest score that a website can score. To achieve a high ranking, there are a number of factors that Moz-the developer, looks at. One of the key determinants of authority score is the number of internal and external links in your website. The higher the number of websites linking back to you, the higher your domain authority will be. A professional SEO agency can help you in link building in order to improve your seo and not just in relation to links but developing the whole strategy for better ranking. Another key consideration when determining your domain authority is the search engine friendliness of your website. Moz will give you a better score depending on how well your website interacts with different search engines. Content too also comes into play when determining your domain authority score. Content development therefore should focus on quality content and not quantity.

How to Improve Your Web Authority Score
There are so many ways of improving your domain authority that you can utilize depending on what works best for your site. For example, blog postings can increase your seo metrics including the overall search engine ranking. In 2015, it was established that companies that published more than 15 blogs on a monthly basis got over three times web traffic compared to those that published less than four blogs monthly. On average, websites appearing on the first page of Google generate an average traffic share of 91.5%. The first step of improving your domain authority is getting rid of bad links. Any seo expert will tell you that bad links are the main cause of poor domain authority scores. Once you get rid of bad links, focus your energy on the keywords. Don’t simply go stuffing keywords into your content or populate the whole webpage with unnecessary keywords just to rank higher. This might have worked in the past but things have changed. Search engines often focus on quality long-form keywords and content.

Link Building is Your Ultimate Game Changer
Another key foundation for a higher domain authority score is content marketing. You need to create content in your website that is both clickable and shareable. If you are not developing content that other domains may want to link back to, your domain authority score will be low. When considering content, don’t just focus on written text. Use infographics and videos that are also linkable for your website to gain traction on search engines. Whereas there has been a push for online .marketers to focus on backlinking when developing a search engine optimization strategy, linking the pages of your website internally can also help you a great deal. Once you get to sharing your content, create links on social media platforms that link back to your website. Taking advantage of social media traffic can significantly improve web traffic particularly if done well. The strategy here is to create catchy headlines that communicate the message effectively in less than five seconds. You must understand that social media users don’t like being burdened with information and instead of posting an entire article on social sites, just post the link to the article.

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