A Look at The Outbreak Of Fires In The United States And How They Can Be Prevented

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Fires are dangerous and can quickly spiral out of control. We all know this. But many of us also think, somewhere deep inside, that a fire is the type of tragedy that couldn’t happen to us. Fires are tragic, of course, but they’re other peoples’ tragedies.

However, a fire could all too quickly become a tragedy of your very own – that is, if you don’t have the proper fire alarm service and fire alarm system already in place. For instance, hotel and motel fires are more common than one might think here in the United States. In just one year alone, seventy six million dollars of property damage will occur all thanks to fires.

And the cost of human life is the much more important one. Up to fifteen people will die in fires that break out in hotels as well as motels each and every year in the United States alone. On top of this, up to one hundred and fifty people will become injured and while some will only sustain minor injuries, many will be much more severe and require months if not years of treatments and potential reconstructive surgeries.

And the vast majority of us have stayed in hotels – it could all too easily have been one of us, when it comes down to it. Hospital fires are also far too common, with more than one thousand fire breaking out in hospitals each and every year. And if said hospitals did not have evacuation plans, then the patients would be put at a huge risk of injury and loss of life, as many of the patients that you will find in any given hospital setting will be very much bedridden for a number of different reasons.

Of course, part of preventing fires is understanding how they work in the first place and getting to the root of the causes. Fires in medical facilities mostly break out because of cooking fires – at least in up to fifty five percent of all medical facility fire cases. Electrical malfunction is also a primary cause of fires in hospitals and other such medical settings, and typically leads to just under twenty percent of all such fires per year.

It makes sense – if you understand where a fire comes from, you can prevent it from happening again. You can go back to fix the problem to keep it from occurring in the future. And this is certainly a very effective way of fire mitigation. But it is not the whole package when it comes to keeping people safe in the case of a fire.

Fire prevention is critical, but fire management is often even more important. Having a fire alarm service install a fire alarm in your home or place of work is essential in staying safe in a fire. A fire alarm service will also likely be able to install a sprinkler system as well.

As any fire alarm service can tell you, the sprinkler system is just as important as the fire alarm installation itself. Full fire protection services are multilayered and so while the alarm alerts the occupants of any given home or building to the presence of fire and allows them to evacuate as quickly as is physically possible, the typical sprinkler system will help to limit the spread of the fire, if not putting it out right then and there, mitigating damage and danger all at once.

A fire alarm service will also likely provide a regular fire alarm inspection as well. Fire alarm inspections should not be forgone ever, something that your installing fire alarm service will clearly tell you. It is necessary to keep the fire alarm up to date and working in the way it should.

In addition to this, your fire alarm service should always be the only ones who are inspecting the fire alarm in question – them, or another fire alarm service in the area who you feel you can put your trust into. You should not try to inspect your own fire alarm and your sprinkler system.

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