All Different Engineering Consultants and Transportation Planning Firms to Aid Our Nation

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 24, 2019. Posted in Civil engineering consulting firms in broward, Consulting engineering firms, Lidar surveying and photogrammetry

Civil engineers and transportation planning firms spend quite a lot of time evaluating the different areas of the country that place troubles for the American people. These can be the roads within our towns or even the water systems and other utilities. A great deal of information has been collected to determine a majority of American water to be unsafe for the people.

Data Collected Regarding National Water Supplies

While it may not be involved specifically with transportation planning firms, there are many different civil engineering consultants, geotechnical engineering consultants, and other top engineering consulting companies that have helped to evaluate the water and other utilities of our nation. First, the American Society of Civil Engineers has determined almost 4,100 dames to be “unsafe.” Then, the EPA has also estimated that the American drinking water utilities will require almost a $335 billion investment over the next two decades to face a deteriorating infrastructure. Additionally, data has been presented that by 2020 about half of the wastewater facilities in the nation will likely be beyond the midpoint of useful lives. And finally, it is estimated that the aging sewer systems spill over with about 1.26 trillion gallons of untreated sewage annually. It is also important to know that these are only issues with the water of our nation.

Added Needs of Transportation Planning Firms

With many engineers who are able to plan or design for different needs throughout our national infrastructure, there are also questions about the status of our roadways. While it may not only be urban development or infrastructure, traffic engineering is needed for repair on both urban and rural roadways. At this point, regarding the overall national traffic infrastructure, about one-third of America’s roads are estimated to be in mediocre or even poor condition. Additionally, our national highways are heavily strained by the amount of traffic that they take on regularly. This includes the fact that they run at about 70% of capacity on a regular basis, with about a quarter of highway miles being strained at the level of 95% of capacity. This leaves a great deal of work to be done to our roads and highways on a regular basis.

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