Are You Looking to Sell Scrap Carbide Products?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 16, 2017. Posted in Tungsten carbide inserts scrap material, Tungsten carbide scrap, Tungsten recycling business

Scrap carbide prices

Companies that buy and sell used tungsten carbide are always looking for new suppliers. As the scrap carbide prices increase or decrease, the need for these sources often grow in demand. Carbide is one of the many composite materials which, by definition, are made of at least two materials that have different chemical compositions. Rated by harness, tungsten carbide falls between 8.5 and 9 Moh’s hardness scale. This means that tungsten carbide is rated very high. In fact, its rating places it just behind diamonds, which have hardness of 10. Part of what drives scrap carbide prices to increase is the fact that it can be used to create tungsten carbide which is a popular metal that can be used in tool making and many other factory products.
Tungsten drill bits, for instance, are a highly valued tool that can be used in a number of high use settings. consider some of these facts and figures about the things that can be accomplished with the items you are no longer using if you sell your carbide:

  • Landing on the hardness scale about halfway between lead and gold, tungsten carbide is about twice the stiffness of steel and double the density.
  • 66% of all tungsten available for scrap, was either used in the U.S. or exported for recycling.
  • Used in a variety of different applications, tungsten carbide comes in over a dozen different grades.
  • Although it was not applied to an industry for another 150 years, tungsten was discovered 236 years ago in 1781.
  • Companies that find the most success entering the scrap carbide market are able to provide between 500 pounds and 40,000 pounds of used Tungsten carbide at a time. Some companies buy from small privately owned machine shops that only have 50 or 100 pounds of scrap at a time, but these sales are, obviously, much less profitable.

A variety of industries make use of tools and machines that are made from products like carbide and tungsten. From machining shops to aerospace industries, and from the energy and railway work that is being done in this country, this valuable hard products are essential. By finding sources that use these products, a scrap carbide dealer can purchase and hen repurpose scraps that are no longer usable in the defense and military sectors and medical industries alike.

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