The History of The Laboratory Freezer

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 30, 2018. Posted in 2.5 cu ft freezer, 23 cubic foot upright freezer, Pharmaceutical freezer

The laboratory freezer, or medical freezer as some call it, is a crucial part of modern medical and pharmaceutical development. The laboratory freezer provides vaccine storage and keeps other medical and laboratory items at the proper temperature. This is a crucial function, given that vaccines save millions of lives every year. The WHO estimates that, since 2000, the measles vaccine alone is responsible for saving well over 17 million people. There’s a fascinating history to these vaccine storage refrigerators, and we haven’t always had this remarkable technology.

What Is a Laboratory Freezer?

Today’s pharmaceutical freezer is capable of keeping temperatures constant and secure. They are protected against power surges, explosions, and other types of accidents. Unlike a home fridge or freezer, they keep a more uniform temperature throughout. Most are also equipped with alarms to alert users to a temperature drop or a door that’s been left open.

Where Does Refrigeration Come