The Clash Of Generations And How To Mitigate Generational Differences In The Workplace

Written by Economic Development Jobs on November 26, 2018. Posted in Culture in the workplace speaker, Financial services speaker, Multigenerational workforce

The workplace is quite a different place nowadays, primarily due to the fact that there are as many as five different generations all coexisting within it. And with five different generations working side by side in this new multigenerational workforce, multigenerational workforce challenges are arising, as different generations have different expectations not only from their jobs, but from the workplace environment as well. From older generations wondering how to deal with millennials in the workplace to the millennials in the workplace wondering the exact same thing about their older counterparts, differences in the workplace can prove to be quite difficult.

But before we look at how to deal with millennials in the workplace, we must first look at the generational differences found between millennials, who now make up more than thirty five percent of the workforce, and their older counterparts. For one thing, millennials tend to want feedback on a more consistent basis than olde