There’s A Big Demand For Hazardous Materials Transportation Finding Your New Career With DOT Training

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 11, 2019. Posted in Bloodborne training, Hazmat training, Rcra dot training

You might be thinking of starting a new career in 2019. Where should you get started: demand or skillset?

If you’re looking more toward the former, applying for a DOT training course can give you quite a few things to look forward to. There is a serious demand for handling hazardous waste and transporting hazardous materials in the United States. Not only will you have more than enough hours to fill up your workweek, the opportunity for growth is neverending. Will you eventually apply for jobs that require entering confined spaces or transport a wide variety of goods? First things first…getting your certification.

Here’s what your DOT hazardous materials training will do for you.

The United States Leads The World In Production

It’s easier to get the hang of your new career field with the aid of statistics. Electronics remain the highest valued commodity shipped int he United States, accounting for a staggering $1,600 billion. Natural gas

4 Safety Tips for Shipping Hazardous Materials

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 10, 2018. Posted in International transport of hazardous materials, Rcra dot training, Working with hazardous wastes

Statistics show that over 3 billion tons of hazardous materials are shipping throughout the world each year. Considering that, many businesses prefer to have hazardous materials shipped by a truck. In fact, nearly 94% of all daily hazmat shipments are transported by truck. Therefore, it’s wise to learn how to ship hazardous materials as safely as possible. Considering that, here are four important safety tips to follow while shipping HAZMAT materials.

  1. Wear Necessary Protective Gear

    Whether cargo is entering or exiting your vehicle, many hazardous material shipments require physically moving these objects. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure that you’re wearing each and every piece of required safety gear. This gear helps to protect you in the event that something goes wrong while you’re shipping HAZMAT materials.
  2. Read Shipping Labels Thoroughly

    Each year in the United States, shipping trucks move nearly 11 bill