The Use and Care of Your Measurement Tools

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Many tools and measuring devices are used in industry today, from factories to car repair shops and beyond, and these tools should be in good shape. Measurement tools like load cells, for example, use various methods such as fluid pressure or warped metal rods to measure how much weight, or resistance, they are experiencing, and these pressures form electrical currents that in turn lead to a readout that someone can see. Meanwhile, torque is very useful for certain wrench types, and torque can allow a worker to secure a nut or bolt or other item, such as on a car wheel. But if the strain is too great, a torque tool may do more harm than good during a day’s work, so measurement tools like calibration wrenches must be used to get everything back into working order. Force measurement is the common thread between these two device types. How can these measurement tools do good?

Load Cells and Their Types

For many industrial items, big and small, it is important to know exactly

From Hydraulic Load Cells To Torque Sensors Measurement Devices For Engineers

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Torque equation

Depending on the job or task at hand, most engineers need a variety of different types of equipment. Often, they might find themselves in need of a torque measurement product that can somehow be integrated into a piece of equipment. Torque measurement products need to be able to operate in a variety of different conditions — both very cold and very hot. For that matter, they need to be designed with withstand a good amount of stress, as well as with the sensors necessarily to properly measure force. Below, we’ll look into some of the different products on the market that can aid in force measurement, among other things.