Celebrating Employee Achievements With Retirement Gifts

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Retirement is a major landmark in any person?s life. It marks a major achievement, a lifetime of service, commitment and reliability. It?s also the beginning of a period of well-earned rest and the chance to focus on different goals, such as travel, writing or volunteering. From the point of view of the employer and colleagues, it?s a chance to thank the employee for their years of steady work. Worker recognition, in the form of retirement awards, 15 years service awards and plaques of recognition, is important for many reasons, for workers and employers alike.

Retirement: celebrating the transition
Retirement is a chance to look back on the long road travelled, and to celebrate the efforts of the worker. For both employers and workers, it?s a milestone to celebrate together. A long and successful career is just as much an achievement for the employer as it is for the worker, because it speaks of a partnership that has weathered the test of time. One question many employers and colleagues face is in the choice of a retirement gift. What?s the best form of recognition of years of hard work?
The retiring worker?s interests and hobbies may provide a hint to the best gift. The average age at retirement is now 63 years. This means that retirement is not an ending, but a transition. It finally gives the retiree the chance to follow other interest and pursuits that may have been sidelined earlier. Now they have the time to travel, learn a new language, or volunteer at local organizations.

Finding the right retirement gifts
Employee recognition is a very important factor is boosting company morale. That?s another reason to give a retiring employee a grateful send-off. To the continuing employees, it speaks of a company that cares for its workers and their contribution. In fact, at any stage, recognition and gifts for workers can make a big difference to the morale and productivity of the workers.
A suitable retirement gift would be personalized, celebrating the achievement of the retiring employee. Employee and military retirement plaques can be accompanied by gifts, including such traditional items as a gold watch or a personalized clock. Cards and scrapbooks signed by all colleagues, along with a plaque of appreciation, will also be treasured.

Employee recognition boost company morale
It?s a rather old-fashioned idea, but in celebrating the work of employees, the employer is also celebrating the company and its achievements. In fact, 86% of all companies with worker recognition programs report that these contribute to job satisfaction.
As well as retirement gifts and plaques, other milestones might include 10 and 15 years service awards, and even best boss awards. Bosses need appreciation too! In fact, it?s intangible factors like recognition that contribute to employee satisfaction. Office parties or celebratory dinners are also a good way to mark milestones.

For most employees, it?s important to have their contribution recognized. As well as retirement gifts, marking other milestones with 10 and 15 years service award tell employees that their effort has been noted and appreciated.

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