Charitable Donations Help Many Struggling Families Find Hope

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 17, 2018. Posted in Charitable clothing donations, Helping families in need, Purple heart charity pick up

Many Americans live lives of abundance. We have closets full of clothes. Dressers full of sweaters. Shelves full of kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Unfortunately, at the same time that there are so many with so much, there are also a number people who have too little. Some families, in fact, worry if they will have shoes to fit their children as the end of the school year approaches. Other families are struggling to find winter coats, gloves, and hats as Mother Nature plays her cruel joke of continuing to send winter weather this spring.

The goal of organizations that accept charitable gifts and clothing and household donations is to try to bridge the gap between those who have too much and those who have too little. In fact, donations for non profit organizations help many Americans make it to the end of the week, the month, or the year. And if you have ever wondered when to donate clothes, the answer is simple. Any time is the right time to make donations to the many organizations that help those who are most in need.

Charitable Clothing Donations and Other Household Items Help Many Families Who Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Knowing when to donate clothes should never be confusing. In fact, many families who are trying to make sure that they teach their children to make wise and necessary purchase decisions often ask their children to take an item out of their closet every time that a new purchase is made. For adults this rule might translate to taking two or three things out every time a new clothing item is purchased. And while there is no reason to donate the items that we wear on a regular basis, many Americans have closets and drawers full of gently used clothing that no longer fit. Clothes that we hope to fit into again someday soon, but that have been gathering dust for months or years. These unworn items could serve as a real benefit to families who are living on a limited income.

Although it is encouraging that nearly 4.7 billion pounds of clothing are donated by Americans every year, a very discouraging fact is that Americans send a larger amount, as much as 10.5 million tons of clothing, to landfills every year. Knowing when you have too much and when to donate clothes to others is a good goal. If you are one of the many Americans who are living a life of abundance, are you ready to make a change and donate to someone who is less fortunate?

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