Everything You Need to Know About DLC Coating

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 12, 2017. Posted in Dlc coating services, Metal coating, Thermal spray coating

Abrasion resistant coatings

In 2014, the U.S. exported over $2.3 billion in paint and other coatings, and the numbers have steadily been growing. However, not all metal coatings are created equal. In fact, there are many different kinds of hard coatings, but some are better suited to certain jobs.

One metal coating that has withstood the test of time is diamond like carbon (DLC) coating. Here’s a bit more information on just why this type of coating is so effective.

Where DLC Coating is Used

DLC coating services are often used on engines in vehicles and heavy equipment to reduce the amount of friction between engine components. The greater the friction, the harder an engine has to work to get its job done. This is why oil and other lubricants are used where moving parts are involved. However, DLC coating services can provide a smoother surface and result in using less oil. The dark color of DLC coating also makes it a popular choice for a decorative coating on types of metal accessories. However, it’s mostly utilized for power tools and industrial machinery.

Why is DLC Coating Popular?

DLC coatings showcase several qualities that make them popular. First, they have a low rate of friction. This, as previously stated, is why the coatings are so popular among engines. Second, they have a high micro-hardness rating. This means that they’re extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. Pipes, power tools, and even machine tools are usually coated with this material to create a longer lifespan.

How is it Applied?

Unlike hard chrome plating and thermal sprays, DLC coating isn’t known for a lack of uniformity. In fact, DLC coating is probably one of the most uniform coating processes on the market. Even on screw threads, DLC coating provides even coverage. Despite the fact that it is not sprayed, DLC can still be applied quickly to save engineers time and money. In fact, the application process is yet another thing that makes DLC coating popular among industrial professionals.

It’s difficult to fathom that a piece of industrial equipment could need a coating like DLC to protect it, but industrial machinery is often put to the limit while working. DLC coating services can help keep that type of machine running better, and for longer.

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