Five Main Groundwater Environmental Services

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Environmental construction

Approximately 70% of the untreated industrial waste is discharged into water sources, where they pollute the water supply available for use. Considering that only 1% of the Earth’s water is safe for drinking, immediate ground water control and remediation is crucial to ensure suitable and safe water for both industrial and domestic use. On the other hand, groundwater management is vital in projects. Before any real construction begins, it is necessary to deploy water management measures that ensure a safe and stable working environment for laying structures. Surface water management, assessments, observation, design and analysis are some of the groundwater management programs when it comes to construction dewatering and treatment of water.

For there to be an effective groundwater remediation and dewatering approaches, different groundwater environmental services have to be adopted. Environmental impacts from water management can only be understood through sound assessment, consulting, remediation, risk management and analysis, permitting and regulatory compliance.

Proper site evaluation is an important step in any project. Assessing the risks and liability in that area will help the construction engineers to modify strategies and make informed structural decisions. Through site assessment, potential environmental challenges and concerns can be effectively addressed. Typically, this stage will involve activities such as land surveying, geotechnical investigations, noise and chemical assessments and regulatory compliance assessment.

Remediation is one of the most common groundwater environmental services. It involves the process of managing environmental liabilities through effective remedial systems. There are different environmental remediation services and each choice will depend on the present environmental media. If the focus is to remedy groundwater, specific planning and design steps will be needed to effectively treat the contaminated water for usage. Other media like sludge, soil gas, sediment, surface water and soil also require remediation services. This is why engineers deploy aggressive remediation approach as they factor in elements of contamination media.

This is an important process in establishing aggressive measures to counter groundwater concerns. Consulting as an environmental service addresses issues like technical and tactical capacities, environmental philosophy, logistical and regulatory environment. When such issues are addressed, environmental programs become more effective in solving groundwater problems and establishing lasting solutions.

Liability Management
There are various environmental liabilities and risks that pose a great threat to a remediation approach. Knowing and understanding some of these liabilities will help you develop practical measures that meet your specific remediation need. Consult an environmental remediation company that will help you develop a project timeline plan that appraises risks, benefits and expected costs. In addition, the company can assist you with an optimal strategy that is in line with regulating authorities to help mitigate remediation risks and liabilities.

Field Services
Field services involve ground work assessment and preparation. Sampling, system operation, feasibility testing and monitoring are part of what happens during groundwork operation. Environmental scientists, hydrologists, and engineers ensure quality assurance, safety, security and healthy field activities.

In conclusion, these groundwater environmental services are designed to ensure productive remediation approach as well the safety and security of human resource in the process.

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