Four Reasons Your Business Should Charter a Private Aircraft

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 8, 2018. Posted in Executive private jet, Private charter, Ultimate private jet

There are plenty of private jets registered in the United States: as of 2011 there were over 11,000. The executive jet charter is a popular way for business people to get around, and there are some excellent reasons to charter a private aircraft. Here are four of them.

  1. You’ll save time and money. While a chartered flight is undoubtedly more expensive than a single business class ticket on a commercial airline, it may very well be cost-effective when compared to buying several business class tickets on a commercial airline. If you need to send a group of employees, a jet charter is in your best interest.

    Not only that, but since a business private jet can take advantage of hundreds more secondary airports than commercial flights are permitted to fly into, it’s possible to save quite a bit of money in transportation to and from airports as well as lost time waiting in line for security checks and check-in. All of this is nothing compared to the freedom to work that comes when you charter a private aircraft. A 2009 survey found that business people reported being 20% more productive on their company aircraft than they were even in their own office. And let’s face it: no one’s getting much done on a commercial airline flight.

  2. You’ll spare your employees and get them there ready to negotiate. Sending people across the country to do business can be grueling. Add onto the stress of the flight itself and the times changes a difficult commute to the airport hours ahead of time in order to complete all of the bureaucratic nightmare of getting on a commercial flight; the time wasted at check-in, security checks, and boarding; the times and energy spent waiting for luggage on the other side; and another long commute from a jam-packed major airport in another city, and by the time your representatives get where they’re going they may be in the worst possible shape to represent you and get business done. Charter a private aircraft instead and you cut away all those things and also given them time and space to breathe and prepare for what’s to come. Then they’re able to enter into business refreshed and ready to go.
  3. You’ll impress your clients and partners. Nothing makes a stronger statement about how you value your clients or business partners then a private aircraft. Charter an executive jet to arrive for yourself or to bring in a partner and you show them precisely how important they are and set the tone for any negotiations. Provide excellent service of this sort to your clients and you guarantee their loyalty for years to come.
  4. You’ll be in control. Instead of being at the mercy of commercial airline schedules and major airports, you’ll set the rules from the moment you charter a private aircraft. You’ll decide when it leaves, and it’s not going anywhere until you get there. You’ll decide how many stops there are. Although there are weight limits even on an executive private jet, for the most part you can bring whatever you need to without concerns about security or weight limits. You’ll be able to drive up, get out of your car, get on the plane, and be on your way without a hitch. You’ll be able to utilize all kinds of secondary airports so as to be as close to your business as you want to be: in fact, only 19% of business flights even go to large commercial airports. A third of all such flights avoid the mess by heading to secondary airports. And there will be no need to ever call a client or partner to cancel a meeting because of a canceled flight.

In the world of competitive business, the ability to take Full control of your travel, convey respect to your clients and business partners, protect your employees, and be productive even in the air can’t be overstated. These are just four reasons it’s worth your while the charter private aircraft next time your company needs to do business out of town.

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