Heat Exchangers and Their Role in Your Household

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 13, 2017. Posted in Advantage engineering, Wattco electric heating products


Heat exchangers have an extremely important role in air coolers, in line heaters, fuel oil heaters, and more. Because heating is vital to so many Americans, especially during the winter months when they’re doing whatever it takes to keep themselves and their families warm, it is important to know everything you can about heat exchangers and why they are such an integral product in our everyday lives without even knowing it!

Heat exchangers are devices that are used for the sole purpose of transferring heat between a solid object and a fluid, as well as between two or more fluids. You can find them in a variety of places, such as space heaters, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, and so much more. There are various types of heat exchangers as well. These include parallel-flow, counterflow configuration, cross-flow configuration, and shell-and-tube configuration. In some cases, the heat exchanger’s fluids will pass each other more than one time, which makes them multi-pass heat exchangers. In other cases, they pass only once, making them single-pass in nature. Heat exchangers are known to be extremely reliable and will give you great use out of the products that you use in which they are contained. In fact, you may find that, if you own a product with a heat exchanger such as fuel oil heaters and air conditioning units, the shell portion could last up to 40 years without giving you an issue like corrosion. With minimal to no damage after all this time, these are great rates and prove to you that they are made out of great and sturdy materials.

Heat Exchangers: Newest Thing Rising on the Market

Heat exchangers are becoming very popular because of their sturdiness. In fact, they are on the rise because they are the new hot product when it comes to everything heat-related! In 2013, just 4 years ago, the revenue of heat exchangers ranged about 7 billion dollars. And, by 2021, the market for heat exchangers is projected to reach $19.14 billion. As you can see, on the market, they are doing fairly well and will continue to when many Americans are making purchases for related systems.

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