How a Spray Foam Rig Works

Written by Economic Development Jobs on June 26, 2018. Posted in Graco e 30 spray foam equipment, Spray foam insulation machine, Spray foam machine cost

Spray foam is the newest innovation in quality insulation, and this is important given that the up to 40% of a building’s energy can be lost every day because of poor air filtration. Add to this that adding the right insulation and sealing air leaks could decrease monthly energy bills for a residence or commercial building by as much as 20% and you have a good reason to consider spray foam insulation. A quick search will turn up many spray foam trailers for sale and spray foam equipment of every kind. Spray foam insulation products can be rented or bought outright, and here’s how those spray foam trailers for sale actually work.

What They Need

A spray foam rig needs five important things if it’s to work correctly. Those things are a single phase or three phase power supply of 220V to 240V, a supply of clean, compressed air delivered at 100 PSI, a heated hose and a heated whip hose, a spray gun, and the right sort of hydraulic transfer pumps.

What Do These Parts Do?

The power supply naturally brings energy to the control panel, heating system, and hydraulic system of those spray foam trailers for sale. The control panel will include main power and a safety stop, switches to control the hydraulic motor, hose heat, and main heaters, as well as a way to retract the hose. The hydraulic pumps move the materials that must be mixed to create the foam, and the pumps are powered by the compressed air. The heaters keep the materials at the right temperature, and the spray gun is used to apply the foam insulation where needed.

How Does it All Work?

Two separate types of material, normally housed in 55-gallon drums, are connected to two transfer pumps which send them through a filtering screen to remove any contaminants before placing them under pressure. The mixed and pressurized materials are then sent into separate heaters which heat them to the specifications of the manufacturer. Typically, a closed cell foam will be heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and an open cell foam to 130 degrees. The pressure of the heated materials in the hose should be at least 1,000 PSI.

The hoses are also heated in order to maintain the required temperatures, and the hose will have a red side for one of the materials and blue side for sending out the other material. At the end of each hose is a temperature sensor that allows the operator to keep an eye on temperatures, and all materials are separated until they meet at the end in the spray gun. In the spray gun, they are mixed and then applied when the trigger is released.

Spray foam trailers for sale are capable of delivering the right kind of spray foam quickly, accurately, and in large quantities for big jobs. A spray foam rental or spray foam trailers for sale are the perfect thing to use if you need to insulate your home or commercial building.

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