How Purple Heart Donation Pick Up Can Turn Things Around

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 12, 2016. Posted in Charity organizations, Make a donation, Veterans donations

Donate clothes

It is easy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to get caught up in only taking care of yourself. While self care is indeed crucial to a healthy and successful life, we also have a duty to care for our fellow human beings. And it does not take much. You do not have to be financially well off or have such a substantial surplus of wealth that you are capable of donating thousands to charities. No, all you have to do is look for opportunities to lend a helping hand. That and clean out your closet.

Purple Heart donation pick up after a little house cleaning

Maybe you have a tendency to hang on to every little thing that you have ever owned, just in case some situation arises in which you will need it. Or maybe you are the opposite, striving to live a simplified life. Either way, chances are you have something to contribute. And once you find it, the Purple Heart donation pick up and drop off system is an efficient and ideal service that will take those items that you no longer use right off of your hands, and put them into the hands of those who could use them the most, or turn them into the funds that will help those individuals. From basically any angle you look at it from, there are benefits. You are cleaning out your house, helping someone in need, and you can also claim those donations on your taxes as well.

Making Purple Heart donation pick up and drop off part of your routine

If you are not sure whether or not you have anything to contribute, find a time to do an in-depth cleaning and assessment of your entire home. If this sounds like an impossible and insurmountable task, make it a goal to get through one whole room each month. If you are honest with yourself about how much you use and what you actually need as opposed to what you keep around for some insignificant reason or another, you will quickly find that you have plenty to contribute. Take a look at your closet. If you are living in a climate with one or two seasons, sort through and find any garments that you have not worn for six months or more. Put it in the donation pile. If you live in an area with more variety to the seasons, follow the same guideline, but considering the seasons, change the amount of time to about a year. If you have not worn it in the last year, let it go.

Going further, doing more

After you have cleaned out your closets and gone through other rooms as well to find the household items that you can donate, and you have scheduled your Purple Heart donation pick up, think about other ways that you can help. Make it known to your friends and family members that they too can make a difference. About 70% of users on social media will take action as a result of a friend posting something about making charitable or used clothing donations. The words needs to be spread, as each and every year Americans send another 10.5 million tons of clothes and textiles to the landfills. This number is far too high no matter how you look at it, but especially considering the fact that just about 100% of all household textiles are recyclable in some way, no matter what condition they are in.

On average, an American these days will buy at least two times the amount of clothing as people were purchasing just 20 years ago. It is unnecessary, wasteful, and excessive. If you must continue to acquire new pieces, at least make sure that you know where the clothing drop off locations for local charities are, or schedule regular visits from organizations that will pick up clothing donations, so that you are not so carelessly contributing to landfills and the wasteful lifestyle. Do your part to take care of the earth and your fellow human being.

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