How to Draw a Crowd With Your Next Custom Exhibit

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 4, 2016. Posted in Booth rental, Rental exhibits display booth design, Trade show exhibits

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Trade shows are a great opportunity to display your companies products or services. One of the most important parts for planning any trade show is of course the planning. It is very easy to get lost in the crowd when your booth is set next to dozens or even hundreds of other companies. It is easy to feel like you are an old time road salesman vying for the attention of uninterested bystanders. The best way to go about with your trade show exhibit design is to keep the bystanders needs in mind. Here a some tips to make sure your custom exhibits really draws in a crowd.

Custom Exhibits Should Focus on Telling a Story

Think about any bit of information that you have retained over a long period of time. The chances are this information was disseminated to you in the form of some narrative. Everyone likes a good story. They can be instructive, educational or for entertainment.
The best way to make sure that your trade show exhibit is memorable for potential buyers is to attempt to try some type of story. Having a narrative to your exhibit gives it a natural beginning, middle and end, the basic building blocks for most things in life. Using a natural arc gives your exhibit an edge from other booths that might be disjointed with information that does not seem organic.

When Building Your Narrative, Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

When planning your custom exhibit design the first step should be to target a specific segment of your audience. Like most things in life, the more research you put in the beginning the better your odds of being successful in your aims. With that said it also important to bear in mind even with the most fastidious planning, there will always be circumstances that are beyond your control. It is important to plan for these contingencies and have a plan b and even a plan c in place when needed. As they say those that can?t adapt perish.

Use New Technology in Your Interactive Exhibit Design

There are so many great technological advances that can add another dimension of interactivity to your custom exhibits. Rather than being stuck in the 19th century using poster board and folding displays, why not list towards using video technology. Sometimes a slickly produced video can do more for your foot traffic than a 20 foot high poster. Investing more in the video production will pay off in foot traffic and word of mouth. Many companies that feature design aspects have been using augmented reality to more effectively portray their wares and services. While it might sound expensive, it actually has become very affordable in the last few years to purchase and use VR technology even as a non professional.

Make Sure to Present Information in a Digestible Format

It is easy to think that more is more with your custom display, but it is important to remember that an overwhelming display is just as bad as an underwhelming display. Make sure to space out your exhibit so that your potential customers can be able to process the information which they are being presented. If you are able to embrace the narrative effectively you should be able to make sections that are easily understood yet drive potential customers to other sections of the exhibit.

The secret for planning and executing great custom exhibits is to keep a few things in mind. Plan ahead and do your research on your target audience. Plan for contingencies and be prepared to switch up your display strategy. Make sure to have a strong narrative, something that will take your potential buyers on a trip. If you follow these tips your next exhibit should be successful and draw clients to you, rather than you chasing clients around.

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