How To Resolve Your Case Through Arbitration And Mediation

Written by Economic Development Jobs on June 21, 2017. Posted in Fiduciary responsibility, James f. davis, Judge thomas e. scott

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There are many reasons why arbitration and mediation services are essential to individuals, groups and businesses in today?s society. Heading straight to any type of court like the federal court system is not always necessary and rarely actually occurs for different cases. It is important to understand what exactly you may need when it comes to an arbitration service and mediation services so that you know what to expect and why it may be better for your case.

Whether you are dealing with corporate and securities law, bankruptcy issues, or environmental law, you should consider using arbitration and mediation services over heading to the court system. One of the reasons why this is beneficial is that your case may never even make it to court. Around one percent of civil cases reach the Federal courts today. This is a significant drop from the number that used to reach courts in the past. Around 11.5 percent of cases were likely to make it all the way to court in 1962.

If your case has to do with environmental law, you may be concerned about the type of air quality you have in a specific building or outdoors wherever you live. In fact, around 40 percent of Americans feel as though air quality both indoors and outdoors is not as good as it could be. They believe that things like sulfur oxides, radon, refrigerants and carbon emissions may be polluting the air. If air pollution was dealt with in regards to industrial plants, nearly 5,000 lives could be affected every year. Many believe this could reduce the risks of respiratory disease and heart disease for those near industrial plants reducing toxic pollutants into the air. This could be a case better dealt with in arbitration and mediation rather than heading to court.

If your case has to do with corporate and securities law
, the same could be said. When it comes to anything dealing with your business, financial investments, and corporate and securities law, a company handling arbitration and mediation can handle anything dealt with under FRCP 23 from certification, to notice, to settlements.

Have you ever used a company that handles arbitration and mediation services over heading to court? From corporate and securities law to intellectual property law, this may be the way to go to save time and money and to get your case handled quickly and efficiently. Let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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