How To Stop The Spread Of Disease In College Dormitories

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 13, 2018. Posted in Commercial carpet steam cleaner, Conveyor belt cleaning system, Industrial conveyor belt cleaner

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Cleanliness is important, particularly for those living in crowded areas like a college dorm. Everyone knows that college students are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria that are passed around. After all, living in close quarters creates the perfect environment for germs to spread like wildfire. Though personal hygiene is important and can certainly help to prevent the spread of disease, there are steps such as the use of industrial steam cleaners that the college can take as well. Dorms should be thoroughly cleaned using industrial steam cleaners and other high powered cleaning solutions on a regular basis in order to keep the building and the students’ living spaces as hygienic as possible.

A steam cleaning system has proven very effective in curbing the spread of disease, as it kills up to 99% of common bacterias found in living environments, such as E.coli, salmonella, and staph. It can also be used to eradicate common issues like dust mites and even bed bugs. Renting industrial steam cleaners can help to expedite the process of using steam cleaning systems, and can provide a more powerful steam cleaning experience. Industrial steam cleaners are also able to effectively clean without the byproduct of leaving behind chemical residues, making it a virtually mess free way to clean. It also uses very little water in its cleaning, making it even more mess free. Steam cleaning is particularly effective for the cleaning of bathroom implements like sink faucets, which, when steam cleaned, can be found to have a mere one tenth of the germs that remained after traditional methods of cleaning. A commercial steam cleaning machine can be used to sanitize dorm bathrooms in an efficient and effective way.

It is also important to keep college cafeterias as clean and sanitary as possible as well. Food borne illness, while mostly an inconvenience at most, can sometimes prove deadly or greatly debilitating. Because this is so, it’s important that precautions are taken to prevent this in food preparation areas, as thousands of people suffer from some kind of food borne illness every year. There are a number of ways that foods become contaminated, from biological contaminations, like microorganisms, to physical contaminations, like hair or dirt. Chemical contamination is also a problem, and includes contaminants like cleaning solvents and the chemicals used in pest control solutions.

Proper hygiene and sanitation are crucial for all aspects of a college campus, from the dorms to the cafeterias. It’s important that the proper cleaning measures are taken as frequently as possible in order to prevent the common occurrences of things like bed bugs and food borne illnesses.

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