Important Features of a Successful Commercial Sign

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If you are a business owner, you are probably familiar with basic marketing practices. Marketing is a crucial part of business success. It is what brings new customers in and reminds current customers of your existence. A successful marketing plan involves both graphic design and customer targeting. When you create online advertisements or print mailings, you probably spend a lot of time on the graphics and the specific message of the material. However, the same amount of preparation and design rarely goes into the exterior digital signs of your business. This is a common mistake, as your advertising signage may be more important than you think.

The importance of signs
You spend a lot of money and time attempting to market your business to local community members. You design intricate print advertisements. You outsource flyer and postcard designs. You may even create designs for the local bulletin boards. However, the one consistent sign that all of your customers will see is the outdoor LED business signs surrounding your storefront. This GSA LED sign design needs to be just as carefully planned as any other type of marketing print that you use. Take Best Buy for example. About 17% of Best Buy?s walk in customers did so because of its sign. That is a large percentage of their income and business success.

Sign design for specific markets
The successful design of exterior electronic signs should involve a couple of important aspects, but with the specific intent of marketing a targeted demographic. Businesses that are keen to their marketing analytics tend to know who is visiting their storefront and who is not. Specific marketing efforts then need to be created and designed around targeting the customers that are not frequently visiting. Approximately 85% of a business?s customers live or work within a five mile radius of its location. Use your marketing analytics and design your GSA LED sign design around the type of customer you fail to attract. The specific design of the LED signs will depend on the location and type of customer.

Visually appealing exterior signage
It is also important to create a GSA LED sign design that is visually appealing. Although many people will see your sign, only about 35% of people will discover your business because of the sign. The more engaging and attractive that your GSA LED sign design is, the more customers you are going to attract. Although every single customer that views your sign will not choose to visit your storefront, you will increase the percentages of customers that do. Marquee signs and other exterior LED signs need to stand out among other nearby signs. A person?s eyes usually only intake the most interesting and engaging sign.

Important information
Simply grabbing the visual attention of a potential customer to your sign design is not enough. If the sign does not include relevant information, such as type of business, services and products offered, and hours, the customer is left confused and unlikely to visit. Commercial business signs are extremely effective when they are used correctly. However if they are not used correctly, they can actually turn customers away out of confusion or frustration. Ensure that your design is both visually appealing and informative. Inform customers exactly what you do and what they can expect. Also lay out of the contact information of the business.

Strong marketing is presence in any successful business. Successful marketing tools include print, internet, and signage. Many businesses fail to attract customers with their exterior signage when exterior signage can be one of the most profitable forms of marketing. Exterior signs grab local community member?s attention and considering that most people shop locally, this can be important in increasing customer counts. A successful sign is one that includes all relevant information, is visually appealing and engaging, stands out amongst other nearby signs, and specifically targets a missing demographic. When used correctly, GSA LED sign designs can significantly increase the customer base of a business.

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