Is The Real Estate Market Dead? Five Common Misconceptions About Selling Homes In 2019

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 9, 2019. Posted in Business founder, Entrepreneur

Real estate isn’t a dead career field. In fact, it might just be more popular than ever.

There’s a steadily growing population of Millennials interested in the art of homeownership. The market crash of 2008 is starting to bounce back, with Florida condos flying off the proverbial shelves and several ‘walkable’ locations proving very attractive to new families. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t just listening to the doomsday stories. It’s also looking at all the evidence of things getting better, in one way or another. Real estate development is in need of new entrepreneurs with nuanced perspectives.

Will you be just what the industry needs to keep making a comeback? Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions faced by the real estate market today and how you can be a catalyst for change.

Millennials Don’t Want To Buy Houses

This is one of the most pervasive misconceptions in the real estate market. There’s this idea that Millennials aren’t interested in purchasing housing, whether out of a lower budget or disinterested mindset. Recent studies are suggesting this could very well be the opposite. While Baby Boomers still comprise the majority of house buyers today, there is still a significant market of Millennial homeowners-to-be in need of a helping hand. You might just find your niche reaching out to this untapped market and speaking to their unique issues.

Only The Most Popular Locations Are Worth Looking At

Here’s another misconception that can kill your career before it’s even started. The United States, simply put, is a big place. There are nearly countless opportunities to plant your flag and start planning out courses of action for your new clients. While Florida and California remain some of the ‘biggest’ locations for business founders, other states like Delaware and Washington are proving to be a happy balance between cost-effective and classy. Who’s to say you can’t become a trailblazer in real estate development?

Most Home Buyers Today Are Experienced

Being aware of issues before you meet up with a new couple can help you turn a maybe into a yes. A recent study found nearly 35% of all home buyers today are searching for a home for the first time. This means you’ll have clients that don’t know where to start figuring out their mortgage or are curious about the benefits of homeowners’ insurance versus saving up. Good real estate is personable real estate. How can you make sure you’re an entrepreneur helping, not hurting, your sales down the road?

You Don’t Need To Know About Interior Or Exterior Design

Do you have a background in interior design? How about exterior design and landscaping? This could be a wonderful starting foundation for a niche in your real estate market career, providing a common ground for homeowners they can’t quite get anywhere else. Owning a home is a complex task, after all, and you’re going to have people asking you a whole host of questions. Landscaping is a great way to increase the value of a home, whether to sell it as soon as possible or improve energy efficiency.

The Real Estate Market Is Dead

This can’t be reiterated enough. There’s a lot of potential just waiting to be taken advantage of in the real estate market today…all you have to do is reach out! As an entrepreneur you’re going to be keeping on ear to the ground and the other to your client’s concerns. You’ll be juggling a wide variety of skillsets, from navigating local state laws to providing consultation on long-term landscaping practices. Your niche could be reaching out to first-time buyers…or it could be helping Baby Boomers get settled in their third home!

There’s no limit to what you can do. Talk to Raffi Shirinian to get your real estate market off the ground while the going’s still hot.

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