Questions to Ask when Renting Warehouse Space

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 10, 2017. Posted in Commercial property for rent orlando, Warehouses in lakeland fl, Warehouses in orlando

Renting a warehouse

A business owner wants to have the right kind of space for their business. In many cases, manufacturing companies need warehouse space as soon as possible. Leasing a warehouse does not have to be a stressful experience. A team of professionals can help find the right warehouse space to suit your needs. However, there are a few concerns you will want to have answered when it comes times to start location hunting. In this post, you will learn important considerations to make before renting warehouse space.

  • Presence of Workers: When renting a warehouse, will this be for storage or production? A warehouse for workers will need certain amenities, including bathrooms. However, storage space for products only requires pure space. Leasing commercial property can easily be done for storage, manufacturing, or a combination of both. If workers will be present at your facility, a parking lot will be essential.
  • Delivery Area Measurements: Manufacturing warehouse space must accommodate the requirements of shipping items. A team of rental professionals can work with your business needs to provide an adequate facility. In many cases, manufacturing warehouse space may need special requirements to be met, in order for the business to run properly. For example, if your manufacturing business works with especially larger materials, special accommodations will need to be made.
  • Space Needs: Determining warehouse space needs saves a lot of headaches in the future. Some businesses may take their current needs and add 10-15 percent for future business growth space. Will your business ever plan on expanding into the world of ecommerce? Studies show that ecommerce will grow at an annual average rate of about 10 percent throughout the next five years. This growth rate could mean an additional need for more warehouse space as time goes on.
  • In closing, renting manufacturing warehouse space can be easier when you know certain requirements. If you have workers in your building, amenities may need to be included. Deliveries are common in the warehouse industry, it’s wise to know height and width requirements of materials used. Manufacturing warehouse space needs must accommodate both workers and machinery. Warehouse renting specialists will be able to ensure all of your manufacturing space needs are met.

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