Taking A Closer Look At The Growing Importance Of Advertising Here In The United States

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 26, 2018. Posted in Car decals, Primary business signage, Promotional signs

Advertising in various forms is most certainly nothing new here in the United States. After all, advertising has a long history, as has been detailed in recent years by popular television shows such as Mad Men and the like. Today, of course, advertising has remained just as important as it has always been, with the average person living here in the United States seeing as many as 3,000 various promotional messages over the course of just one day.

And there are many forms that these promotional messages take. On site advertising, for instance, still holds a huge amount of weight here in the United States (as well as likely many other places all throughout the world). Many might think that this form of advertising has become more obsolete than ever, but this is actually far from the case. On the contrary, up to nearly 95% of all purchases are made in a brick and mortar store all throughout the country, as most people want to see what their potential purchase looks like, feels like, etc, before making a final purchasing decision surrounding it, something that can prove to be quite difficult and is one of the main qualms that people end up having when it comes to online shopping and the like.

And on site signage has proven to be quite influential, so much so that it can even be equated to taking out as many as 24 newspaper ads over the course of just one year – and full page ones, at that. In addition to this, on site signage will not only draw customers in, but can boost the sales seen within the store in question as well. Even fully priced merchandise that has not been discounted in any way, shape, or form, fares well, actually outperforming other fully priced merchandise by as much as 20% when some form of on site signage is involved. For many stores, simply adding in forms of on site signage will ultimately boost sales in quite a significant way.

But it’s certainly not just on site signage that makes some kind of difference in the total sales that any establishment is able to obtain. Off site signage, for instance, is just as important – and comes in truly a wide variety of forms. From vehicle wraps to billboards, there are many different types of on site signage out there in the world. Vehicle wraps and other forms of car decals and car stickers are seen more than ever before, as vehicle wraps are an inexpensive but effective way to promote these supplemental promotional signs. Vehicle wraps can be easily applied to cars and other such motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes – and these vehicles wraps can also typically be removed quite easily as well, which is of course more than ideal when the vehicle wraps become a little more worn down looking over the course of time.

Aside from vehicle wraps, billboards are also important – and have a longer history in advertising than many other forms of it, such as the aforementioned vehicle wraps, do. In fact, roadside signage such as billboards are so effective thanks to the fact that nearly three quarters of all people driving by them will pay some level of attention to them – and that more than 30% of all people (around 35%, to be just a little bit more precise) will actually pay close attention to each and every billboard that they pass. And, in fact, nearly 60% of all adults here in the United States have even said that driving past billboards has helped them to find various events and other attractions, such as restaurants, that they have then had the pleasure to frequent.

From vehicle wraps to billboards to signage found inside or directly outside of any given store, there are many ways that signage can be used as an effective advertising tool, especially here in the United States. Signage is hugely important, after all, and is likely to continue to be so for many of the years to come.

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