Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of A Quiet Working Space

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 9, 2019. Posted in Office phone box, Office privacy ideas, Open office noise etiquette

The workforce has changed quite a bit over the last few decades, both in the way that it is set up and in consideration of who is filling it. For instance, more millennials have become a part of the workforce of the United States than ever before. In addition to this, open floor plans have also become commonplace, with nearly three quarters of all knowledge workers working in various type of open office environments.

These open office environments can be ideal for a number of different reasons. For one, they allow the employees in any given office space to interact and communicate with one another. There is no doubt about it that this can foster the growth of ideas and teamwork, two things that are crucial for the success of any office space, particularly one that is filled by knowledge workers, as they are called. In addition to this, office workers who work in an open office space are also likely to ask even more questions, as communication, like mentioned before, will be fostered.

However, there are often downsides to working in such an open office space, and a soundproof phone booth office space can provide a number of huge benefits as well, benefits that should certainly not be discounted and instead should be looked at quite carefully. After all, from the standard soundproof office booth to the soundproof phone booth office space, both provide an environment where employees can take phone calls.

For customer service team members, a soundproof phone booth office space is likely to be essential, as working in such a soundproof phone booth office space is likely to be far more ideal and conducive to listening to customer concerns than an open office space will likely be. After all, good customer service is quite vital to the success of any company, as more than $62 billion is lost – collectively – each and every year due to poor customer service alone, and that’s just here in the United States. In addition to this, more than 30% of all customers here in the United States will also seriously consider switching to another business or company after even just one significant incidence of bad customer service. The use of a soundproof phone booth office space, in which a customer service representative can give the customer as much focus and attention as is needed, can be ideal to keep such things from coming to fruition.

But the soundproof phone booth office space is good for more than just customer service employees. In addition to such employees, working in a soundproof space like a soundproof phone booth for office can actually help just about any employee in the workspace. And the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up the need for spaces like the soundproof office phone booth space.

In fact, it has been found that soundproofing an office space or creating a soundproof phone booth office space can actually improve employee performance, lowering errors by as much as ten percent. After all, the cultivation of a soundproof phone booth office space can completely eliminate more than half of the conversational distractions that are all too common in the typical open office layout and workspace. When employees work in such a soundproof space, they also find that their productivity levels are increased by an impressive amount, often by as much as 48% for the average employee. Conversely, their stress levels can also fall by as much as 27% as well, something that can lead to the ability to have an all around higher quality of life, all things considered.

There is no doubt about it that providing a soundproof space – or a number of soundproof spaces – for employees to work is ideal in more ways than one. From customer service professionals to other types of employees found in any given workspace, there are many ways that just about every employee can benefit from the access to soundproof spaces here in the workplaces of the United States. From lowered stress to better customer care, the benefits are certainly quite great.

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