The Many Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

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Green janitorial services

Small businesses are a unique type of business. They often employ fewer employees and may differ on things like marketing and business practices. Employee positions and duties may cross over, rather than having a specific title. In addition to multiple roles and duties, the employees may be expected to complete cleaning tasks within the office and storefront. Although this may seem to be more cost effective, there are actually many more benefits of hiring a cleaning service, especially one that offers green cleaning services.

Allows employees to complete more important tasks

When employees are expected to clean the offices and the storefront, time is taken away from their work tasks. Although this may not seem like a significant amount, the time adds up over time. Employees are unable to increase customer satisfaction and to work on important profit increasing tasks, if they are worried about the professional cleaning of the business.

Ensures the office is properly cleaned and sanitized

Employees may feel rushed when cleaning work spaces. They also may not be aware of proper cleaning techniques that will effectively sanitize the work space. For example, nearly one third of respondents believe their keyboard and phone are the dirtiest items in their office, yet less than 10% clean these items often. They are much more likely to put these types of tasks off than a cleaning services company will.

Make the office healthier

A lack of effective cleaning can actually cause the office to be unhealthy. Germs that are not disinfected will quickly spread sicknesses and diseases. Excess dust can exacerbate breathing problems, such as asthma. Even some cleaning products can cause breathing difficulties or skin and facial irritations, making green cleaning services very useful. With nearly 100% of workers saying they are concerned with catching a virus at work, proper and effective cleaning are very important.

There are many benefits of green cleaning, in addition to the harmful contaminants of some professional cleaners. Green cleaning involves the usage of natural cleaners. The areas are still properly cleaned and sanitized, however, harmful traces of cleaners are not left behind. In many cases, indoor environments are more dangerous that outdoor, because of these harsh cleaners. This may be especially important in environments with compromised immune systems, such as hospitals, medical offices, and childcare centers. Green cleaning services are often best when completed by a professional cleaning services company.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers expect the businesses and offices that they visit to be clean and properly sanitized. This includes office buildings, restaurants, hotels, health clubs, and medical offices. If a customer is not satisfied with the level of cleanliness in a business, they are less likely to return. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers who perceive their health club, for example, as extremely clean are likely to renew their membership. If they feel that a business is not properly cleaned, however, they are likely to leave and never return.

Save money

It may not seem like financial savings is one of the benefits of hiring a janitorial services company. However, many factors contribute to the cost savings. Green cleaning services companies use cleaning supplies more effectively, cutting down the costs of these items. Employees are left to deal with more important, business increasing tasks. The reduction in germs and contaminants leads to less sick days, thus resulting in greater production from the employees. Overall, you will find that the money saving efforts is worth it.

The cleanliness is an important factor in the success of any small business. A lack of cleanliness reduces both customer and employee satisfaction. You are likely to notice more sick days and a reduction in productivity. Some employees may find that they are sensitive to harmful cleaners. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to handle all of these concerns and to ensure that your small business is properly cleaned and sanitized.

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