The Many Uses of Laser Cutting

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 21, 2019. Posted in Custom laser cutting acrylic, Custom laser cutting services, Laser engraving

One of the most popular cutting processes used in manufacturing processes today is laser cutting. It allows for quick, precise cuts that can get through materials that other forms of cutting can’t. It’s used in a variety of applications from searing through metal to engraving on plastic, metal, glass, or wood.

If you’re curious about laser cutting and engraving and want to know more about what these lasers can do, read on from a list of applications they are used for.

Custom Laser Cutting Acrylic Parts

Acrylic is a durable plastic that has been used to replace glass in many applications today. Lasers can be used to cut it down into the right size and shape for the project at hand. The acrylic can be used in just about any situation where a cheaper glass replacement is needed from screens to shelving. Custom laser cutting acrylic makes the process faster and easier and reduces scrap.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a popular method of customizing objects in an artistic manner. People etch words and designs onto glass, wood, metal, and more to create custom pieces for people to buy. The lasers help create more precise engravings in less time to make beautiful objects that people can decorate with or hold onto as a keepsake.

Laser Surgery

Lasers are used in surgery as well to make precision cuts with ease. This is a good example of how laser cutting can be used for incredibly important jobs and not just manufacturing or etching.

The Silicon Industry

Silicon is used in all kinds of things around the world such as technological products that we use all the time. It is also able to be cut with lasers so that smaller, more precise pieces can be made to fit into microelectronics.

Lasers Do It All

There’s really not much that lasers can’t cut or engrave. They are used in all kinds of manufacturing, medical procedures, artistic endeavors, and more. They are also becoming more and more popular and branching out into new fields. They are a fantastic multipurpose tool that is helping to make advances in technology and even save lives. Lasers do it all and they are the future of all precision cutting and engraving applications.

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