The Top 3 Things to Focus on If You Want a Better Online Presence

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 12, 2017. Posted in Digital marketing companies, Digital marketing louisville, Social media marketing

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In our increasingly digital world, digital marketing, good website design, and consumer engagement through social media and other online advertising is more important than ever. But when we say “digital marketing,” what do we really mean? How can websites improve their online presence — and how does that translate into sales or a broader consumer base? Let’s talk about how you can keep your business up to date with the changing times and continue to expand and be successful. Making a plan for your digital marketing sounds like a logical first step, but shockingly half of companies who are using digital marketing don’t have one! Evaluating the market and charting a path to take — and what steps you need for success — are crucial to building your business the right way online.

What Do We Mean By Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for promoting products or brands through at least one — but often more — forms of electronica media. It’s commonly associated with Internet advertising, but also extends to electronic billboards, TV, and radio, though the options the Internet has provided has far extended digital marketing’s reach.

If you can successfully optimize digital marketing, more eyes will be on your brand, simply because your brand will be everywhere. And given that people spend an increasing amount of time online — thanks to smartphones, tablets, and having that built in Internet access anywhere they go — pouring your resources into digital marketing is most likely going to be more effective than offline marketing (such as mail marketing, etc.,).

From boosting your SEO
, to focusing on content creation or working social media, digital marketing done right can have huge benefits for your business.

How Can You Make Your Business More Attractive Online?

Almost half of people say that the top way they judge how credible a company is by how their website looks — if it looks sloppy or outdated, consumers are more likely to think that your business isn’t keeping up with the times. Your website needs to get straight to the point — you usually have about three seconds or less to make an impression on a customer. Around 40% of people will navigate away from a page if it takes over three second to load and that jumps to 100% if it takes four or more Tseconds to load. If a page takes eight seconds (or longer) to load, that percentage goes up to 150%. You should also consider designing your website for mobile — over 60% of companies who did so saw an increase in sales.

Social Media Engagement

Social media can help things go viral in an instant. Engaging with customers online, running promotions or giveaways, and creating fun, interesting content can be a great way to get more eyes on your company brand. Word of mouth and link sharing is a powerful tool in this day and age where content can be shared in seconds.

SEO and Content Creation
The second biggest share of digital marketing budgets goes to content creation and management, for a reason. Content creation gives you the opportunity to load your website and online presence with SEO — search engine optimization keywords — which can help boost your rankings when someone conducts an online search. The higher up you are in search results, the more traffic you’ll get, which in turn, likely means more sales.

Don’t Forget Customer Service!

The human touch still matters — 90% of customer experience decision makers say that having a good experience is crucial to success and over 60% think its importance has increased. If you have bad customer service, it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is — people will remember and not refer you or post bad reviews, which can hurt sales as well.

Making a smart plan for digital marketing can help your business find tremendous success in our ever growing digital marketplace. Keeping up with the times and being able to adapt to new trends and technology will only help your business grow.

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