The Value of Commercial Printing for Small Business

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 14, 2016. Posted in Advanced printing nyc, Large format printing nyc, Visual graphics

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Operating a small business involves a great many tasks that never cross the minds of those that are not forced by necessity to consider them. Advertising, for example, is an absolute necessity for any business, large or small, but the smaller outfits must find ways to do a great deal with a minimal budget.
Many businesses think to save money by attempting to print flyers and customer mailings themselves but lose in the end due to the cost of equipment and materials. Moreover, such an attempt means neglecting lesser known commercial printing services.

  • Business Cards: Consider the fact that nearly 27,400,000 business cards are printed every day. That is not a number that is reached simply from first-time buyers, and with that much repeat business, clearly many people have found business cards to be a valuable marketing tool.
  • Calendars: Savvy business owners know the cost of printing a calendar as a promotional gift will be returned in value through brand recognition. After all, most consumers keep those calendars for the entire year!
  • Manuals and Brochures: These items are good examples of what a small business likely could manage with their own printer, but are a large drain on resources. Manuals are generally multiple pages and require more than a basic printer to print at all, while brochures look best with color, high-quality pictures. That means an even pricier printer and lots of color toner. The professionals are better equipped.
  • Signs and Banners: A small business has countless ways throughout the year to employ a well-made banner for promotions. Signs not only can be used for the same purpose, they also have immense value for raising neighborhood awareness of a business. A banner or sign that has been created by professionals can last for years, giving it more value than may be easily calculated.
  • Backlit LED Posters: For attention-grabbing value, it is hard to compete with this option. Used in window displays of retailers all over the world, these are vivid, alluring images that can attract new customers with ease.
  • Magnets: This offering has more versatility than might be first apparent. Large letters for vehicles attract customers when a delivery truck is on the go, but the smaller magnets can be used as promotional gifts, which most people enjoy and remember.

Easy to forget how much a digital printing company can offer a business, but the wise owner remembers. Call a local establishment today and see what value they can add to your business.

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