Three Benefits to Advertising Impulse Buys in a Store with Proper Signage

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 10, 2017. Posted in Price tags, Retail freezer display, Window sign holder with suction cups

Vinyl tag holders

Many stores stock impulse buy items in high traffic areas where customers can see them, knowing that if the item is in sight, chances are high that it will be picked up and purchased. Up to 10% of items that can be brought in a store can be labeled as an impulse buy item. But what is the best way to make them visible? It can be through custom retail displays, vinyl tag holders, and other forms of advertisement that will catch a customer?s eye. Here are three benefits to using interesting and creative signage to attract customers to impulse buys.

Signage Draws Attention to Items Customers Might Not Otherwise Notice

Many individuals who are shopping might not notice items unless there are things that draw their attention to them, such as display stands. Through the use of creative retail display ideas, management can ensure that customers notice products for sale. This is helpful for seasonal items, and especially during holidays that individuals associate with shopping and buying gifts for others. Over 80% of shoppers make their decisions inside the store. When management uses items that draw attention to products, such as vinyl tag holders, this ensures that they are able to sell quickly and effectively, helping customers seal and the deal and feel confident in making an impulse buy. This is also an effective method of increasing store sales, since it encourages the majority of individuals to grab an item, without giving them a lot of time to debate how much they need it. For items such as batteries, drinks, or other things, this is effective, since most people either almost always need them, or find buying such a small-cost item (such as a drink) worth the price.

Proper Signage Can Increase Profits Without the Need for Anything to Go on Sale

Research has shown that when merchandise that is full price has proper signage, it will sell over 15% more at the full price than the exact same merchandise without the signage. By using vinyl tag holders to showcase items and acrylic display stands, this can help drive up sales, and make impulse buys more noticeable. Since the items are not being discounted or put on sale, then the store will have a larger profit. By not marking things down and charging full price, the store can move merchandise and see a profit. Through the use of custom retail displays, customers can view things they might use or need on a daily basis, or might not otherwise purchase, unless it was brought to their attention. Custom display stands can cause customers to stand up and take notice of what is available, and give them the added incentive to buy something they might already have been considering, thus offering an ideal solution to increasing sales with very little effort, aside from having interesting and creative signs and displays.

Signage is Useful for Promoting Items That Are Seasonal

Many individuals do not stop to think if they should buy something or not based on if it is seasonal. By putting holiday and seasonal items out front and center, with the help of attention drawing signage, such as vinyl tag holders, stores can tell their customers what they should be buying. From sunglasses to mittens, there are many items that people can be encouraged to purchase simply by having them out in an area where it is easy to see. Choosing impulse items that often need to be replaced (such as the aforementioned items) is helpful, since individuals will always buy these, even if they have them.

There are many reasons to use vinyl tag holders and other signage to encourage impulse buys. This is good for moving seasonal items, and can also be done with products that need to be moved, without having to put them on sale. Finally, using proper signage is helpful in highlighting items that can be considered impulse buys, that customers might not notice unless it was put somewhere easy for them to find. Signage doesn?t have to be difficult or expensive, it just has to draw attention to the products being sold, and encourage those shopping at the store to buy.

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