Three Keys to Custom Retail Displays

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The world of advertising is not just complex, it is incredibly difficult to fully utilize and is constantly changing. New marketing trends evolve every single year and this leads to smart investments and important capitalizations for businesses. However, so many companies overlook some of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to advertise products. Therefore, it is wise to take the time to understand the value of custom retail displays.

Many people think that technology is the most effective way to promote products because people spend so much time on their phones. However, over 75% of all customers still go to a store to buy themselves a product and to shop. So the value of glass door signs, display racks, and a metal sign stands is great for companies.

Every single day, the average consumer is exposed to nearly 3,000 advertisements. So business owners have to work hard to compete. Here are the facts on display stands and more!

Custom Retail Displays Will Improve Traffic

There have been a number of studies conducted by advertising programs across the country. There was even a study conducted by Brigham Young University, also known as BYU, that revealed interesting results. This study revealed that products with a sign display managed to outsell products without a sign display by nearly 20%. Therefore, you can increase sales and traffic by just planting one sign outside of your business.

Other studies have revealed that full-priced products perform 18% better with a sign outside rather than without. If full-priced products sell this well with a sign, then imagine what a product on sale is going to do in terms of numbers. So take time to check out how display signs can help boost promotional items and special deals.

Promote Sales and Deals With Custom Retail Displays

The best way to boost the sales of a product is to slash the price and really promote the product and deal. The best way to promote this type of deal involves custom retail displays. As a matter of fact, plenty of studies have revealed that this is the best way to get customers to buy in on promotional deals and more.

A recent survey was conducted involving customers and their purchasing decisions. This study has revealed that over 80% of all shoppers make decisions while inside of the store. Due to this, one custom sign can potentially help promote a deal to a customer that will make an impulse purchase.
Mass Merchant Studies take place every single year and they try to determine how customers make decisions and why these decisions are made. The 2014 study revealed that over 15% of all unplanned purchasing decisions happened because a customer noticed a display stand. All of this data suggests that investing in some standout, high-quality custom retail displays can really help a business and product.

Focus On The Value Of Signage

Finally, the last key with custom display signs deals with the pure value of custom retail displays. A 30-second commercial is only 30 seconds long and will cost anywhere between $4 and $8 just to reach 1,000 customers. Also, this commercial is only going to play for a short period of time as well and will be competing with other commercials from large-scale companies. Therefore, commercials are an easy way to lose out on advertisement returns.

The cost to reach 1,000 adults with a sign is anywhere between 3 cents and 37 cents. Also, this is going to last much longer than just one 30-second commercial. As a result, there is no question that business owners will find more value in custom retail displays rather than almost any other form of physical advertising!

Last Thoughts On Custom Retail Displays

Business owners that want great returns on advertising should really focus in on these aforementioned three keys to creating custom retail displays. Also, take time to get creative yourself or hire someone in that is talented and create themselves. That way, you can take time to really reap the benefits of smart, physical advertising.

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