Three Reasons Digital Marketing is Essential

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 15, 2018. Posted in Ad agency louisville, Website design

Social media marketing

Online marketing is no longer optional. Any business without a clear digital marketing solution for promoting the company brand on social media, either with an in-house digital marketing team or a capable outsourced digital marketing company is already getting behind. Here’s why a digital marketing solution is so important for you:

Customers are Online Now More Than Ever

When polled, 80% of consumers report that they do a lot of online research before any major purchase, and 46% say they are taking social media marketing into account when they do. This is driving all forms of digital marketing, with 15% of digital marketers saying that one of their biggest challenges is satisfying customers who are now always connected. The average buyer will read over at least 11 reviews before they make a purchase, and almost half of people polled report that they consider a company’s website design to be their number one criterion for judging whether that company is credible and capable or not.

Your Competitors are Already Online

In 2014 companies were spending an average of 25% of their marketing budget on digital marketing solution and strategy, and that percentage has only been increasing as the years go by. This year it’s expected that marketers in the United States will end up spending almost $24 billion in online displays. A lot of companies are turning to social media as an important digital marketing strategy, and 75% of them had dedicated social media teams as of 2015.

A Digital Marketing Solution Can Change Everything

Speaking positively, when companies invest specifically in website design for mobile devices, 62% of them report a sales increase as a result. On the negative side, though, it only takes two years for a website to become so obsolete that it can no longer keep up with the changes in browsers, displays, and devices. And that’s a problem because when it takes your site four or more seconds to load, your bounce rate goes up to 100%. If the page takes eight or more seconds, that rate goes up to 150%. In fact, your customers will only give you about three seconds to talk to them online. If your page takes more than three seconds to load, 40% will bail. What they see once the page loads is crucial, too. Online content is majorly or moderately important to 87% of customers, but 43% are turned off by content that is too self-promotional.

Your web design and web marketing solutions are a huge part of your business success. Increasingly, online marketing is as important, and sometimes even more important, than marketing in the physical world. If your web pages and social media accounts aren’t branding you the way you want, find a digital marketing team that can help you implement solutions that will take your business to the next level.

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