Three Reasons to Use Commercial Warehousing and How It Can Help a Business

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 9, 2017. Posted in Determining warehouse space needs, Industrial warehouse space, Leasing retail space

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When it comes to finding commercial warehousing, many businesses are unsure of why renting a warehouse is the best idea for them. They may be concerned about finding the right space for company needs, unsure of what type of growth the company will undergo, or the best area to set up and rent a warehouse. There is no shortage of space to be found no matter where a company is, thought. In fact, over 160,000 people are involved in the business of renting storage and warehouse space to companies across the United States. Here are three reasons why commercial warehousing can be a benefit to any business, no matter what size it is.

Commercial Warehouses Can be Modified Based on the Needs of the Company

Commercial warehousing has grown and expanded in recent years. In fact, from the year 2000 and onward, warehouse and distribution space has increased by over 80%. For companies that are looking for distribution warehouse space, it makes sense to secure a warehouse space that they believe will grow with company needs. That means, even if all the space is not being used, but the company has reason to believe that this will increase relatively soon, it is better to be safe than sorry and have already secured warehouse space. Distribution warehouse space can be modified to include office area, and be removed as needed when the company begins to increase in size. There are many different options when it comes to renting a little more space than a company requires. This usually benefits the business, since extra space can easily be modified or repurposed until the company decides that it needs more room for warehouse purposes.

As E-Commerce Grows, So Does the Need for Increased Space Through Commercial Warehousing

Commercial warehousing will become more of a need with e-commerce. That is because e-commerce will grow at a 10% rate over the next five years. This means business owners will need to find distribution warehouse space that can accommodate their products. While some of the e-commerce stores could begin on a small and much more personal level, it is not difficult to imagine them growing quickly through use of promotion on social media and other forms of marketing through the internet. In the early 2000s e-ecommerce was limited to larger companies such as Amazon. However, many businesses find more space is needed. Since anyone can open a business or virtual store front through sites such as Etsy, or even run a larger scale company that mass produced many items, renting a warehouse seems like the next logical step a company would take in order to promote growth and keep up with the times.

Finding a Warehouse to Rent is a Matter of Preference, And Companies Have Plenty of Options

For companies look to find a distribution warehouse space, it is a matter of choosing one that matches the company?s needs. Some company owners might prefer if the warehouse was located in an area central to town. Others might look for space that is in the middle of nowhere, to promote a quiet and enjoyable atmosphere (since the inside of a warehouse can be noisy, depending on the circumstances). With plenty of different locations to choose from in various areas, companies can locate exactly what they are looking for. This is helpful when trying to ensure there is plenty of space. Some individuals might want their warehouse to be near a post office or UPS store. Others do not need that necessity, and would rather have their warehouse in a quiet location. Whatever the case may be, there is a fit for every company.

There are many different choices to take into account when a company looks at leasing a warehouse. This could include the need for space, and how much growth the company believes it will need. Businesses that are based in e-commerce will benefit from having their own warehouse, especially those that look forward to expansion and company growth. Finally, companies have the ability to pick if they would like their warehouse closer to convenience or out in the middle of the country. The choice is theirs, depending on the needs of the company.

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