Three Trends in Employee Retention

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 4, 2017. Posted in Dallas recruiting agencies, Fort worth employment agency, Temp agencies

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Retaining employees can be difficult. Your human resources department will them be tasked with finding new employees and getting them trained and up to speed quickly. Training new employees takes time and resources. Employee turnover is a problem in all businesses. People leave for a variety of reasons. They may have a better opportunity presented to them. They may have issues with the work or the environment. Maybe the employees has circumstances beyond their control such as a loved one that requires care. Employees are fired, employees quit, and employees retire. All of these employees will need to be replaced. Staffing companies can find people to fill the employment opportunities at your company and take some of the stress of the human resources department. Here are three trends affecting employee retention.

1. Employee retention is a concern. Nearly half of human resources professionals list retention as the largest employee concern. Employee engagement is the second largest at 36%. These are both concerning for companies. If employees are leaving, the company has to replace them. If employees are not engaged and enjoying their job, they will likely not stick around and then the company will have to replace them. Staffing agencies can help fill the temp job positions. Hopefully, the temp jobs will become permanent employment opportunities.

2. New hires sometimes leave. Within the first 45 days of employment, an estimated 20% of new hires will leave their positions. This unexpected departure leaves companies with the difficult task of finding another person to fill the position in a short period. The search begins again. Not only does this frustrate your human resources department, it also is frustrating for the other employees as they take on the work of the missing person.

3. It’s not just frustrating, but costly also. Employee turnover costs anywhere between 30-150% of the employee’s salary. This includes researching to find the new candidate, interviewing, hiring, and training. It all adds up to an expensive endeavor. However, it is necessary to the well-being of the company. The employees are important to the company so it is generally required to fill the open positions.

Employees may leave companies for many reasons. It often falls to the human resources department to fill the employment opportunities. By using an employment agency, your human resources department can get candidates faster to fill the employment opportunities. This can relieve stress from the human resources department and other employees. Getting the vacancies filled quickly is important to the company. Contact a staffing agency near you to start the process.

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