What You Need To Know About Soundproof Office Spaces

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 28, 2018. Posted in How to reduce noise in open office, Office furniture affordable, Open office concept failure

For many people in the working world, an open office plan can be ideal in some ways and less than satisfactory in others. But there’s no doubt about it that open office floor plans are hugely and overwhelmingly popular, with more than seventy percent of all office spaces throughout the United States incorporating one to at least some extent. But having a soundproof space – like a private phone booth for office, or just a phone booth office space in general – can greatly help many employees to reach their maximum focus and productivity.

And the data more than backs this up, showing that worker concentration in a newly soundproofed office, through the use of a private phone booth for office or even just a regular soundproof booth, will rise by as much as forty eight percent. In part, this is directly related to the lack of distractions that a soundproofed office or private phone booth for office will have. In fact, conversational distractions alone will be expected to drop by as much as fifty one percent, if not sometimes even more than that.

And not only will the quantity of productive time rise, the quality of the work that is produced in a soundproof office booth is likely to soar as well. In fact, even small errors made in work can be reduced by as much as ten percent and while this might not seem like particularly much, it is certainly an amount that will grow and compound over the course of time. These errors that can be prevented might be small, but sometimes small errors even can greatly reduce the quality of work that is being produced, no matter what it is (and what they are, at that).

Of course, the stress levels of the typical employee also factor in to the quality of their work. Here in the United States, it is an unfortunate but true fact that the stress levels of employees all throughout the country are often very high. This is the case for a number of different reasons, ranging from being overworked to not having the best spaces to work in.

Having a soundproof office space or even just a soundproof private phone booth for office can rectify this in many ways, as it can give employees a quite space to think and to work. Of course, some people thrive on working in an open environment, especially when much of their work is collaborative with the work of their peers. But for some people, having the chance to step away from it all is considerable for their mental health, and stress rates have been seen to fall by as much as a full twenty seven percent when soundproof spaces are introduced into just about any office environment.

But an office phone booth – particularly the private phone booth for office – is not just ideal for employee mental well being and productivity – it’s actually very much essential for any forms of customer service as well. And there is no doubt about it that having a good customer service team and providing high quality customer service is absolutely essential for just about any given company or place of business here in the United States. In fact, providing less than stellar customer service can actually cost a company money – and costs, collectively, around sixty two billion dollars ever single year here in the United States alone.

Having a private phone booth for office can rectify many of the failing of customer service departments in many companies and places of business, providing such employees with a quiet place to speak – a place where no interruptions from the outside world or office space can seep in. This will, of course, allow them to better focus on the customer they are speaking with, providing quality customer service and the direct connection that so many customers who call in are looking for. In fact, customers will typically only stay on hold for just over ten minutes before hanging up – and some will never even call back.

From customer service to employee productivity, the implementation of the private phone booth for office is ideal in many ways.

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