Why are Blister Packaging Designs so Great? Understanding Their Benefits

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 18, 2016. Posted in Auto injector pharmaceutical packaging, Medical packaging materials, Pharma packaging

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You may have heard of blister pack packaging, but what exactly is it? This is, essentially, the way many medications today are dispensed. There are many benefits to blister packaging designs that you may not have realized — let?s review some of the obvious benefits.

Among the Best Medical Packaging Techniques

One of the benefits of blister packaging is that it controls the dispension rate. Although bottles will typically spell out how frequently a consumer is supposed to take pills, it?s well known that consumers will often ignore this information and do something else entirely, anyway. So blister packaging designs can help prevent this issue from popping up. They help consumers understand exactly what to take, and when.

Extended Shelf Life

What many people may not realize is that drugs lose potency over time. For drugs that are critical for maintaining health, this is especially important to understand. Drugs can lose their efficacy as a result of anything from moisture to UV contamination; this is why in a pill bottle you will typically find cotton balls (they are there to absorb any moisture that enters through the air). Blister packaging designs are better at preventing contamination of elements than a pill bottle, because each pill is safely contained behind foil.

Easy to Open

We?ve all heard the complaints about impossible to open medication; carded blister packaging is often easier for the elderly or infirm to open. This can be very important for elderly consumers who don?t have as many options available to them and who may not have daily care and someone who can open things. For people with memory loss, it?s easier to label blister packs by date so that nothing is accidentally taken twice — or not at all.

Allows for More Info

A bottle is fairly limited in the amount of information it can provide to a consumer. Any message essentially has to fit on the label somewhere — and if it?s a peel label you run the risk of a consumer never bothering to peel and read what?s on the back. Blister packaging allows the manufacturer to include additional information about the medication, or things like coupons.

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